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Discrimination: A Common Theme

Often, as Americans, we tend to have a relatively narrow scope of the issues that our society faces.  One example of this tendency is discrimination.  We somehow forget that this facet of society is not unique to our nation, but plagues peoples throughout the world.  In fact, many of the same populations and cultures are the victim of discrimination in various parts of the world.  In a recent article from Eurozine, the current situation in Europe is evaluated, revealing many of the same issues that we face in America.  Disenfranchised groups, namely minorities, face intolerant political and social movements that belittle their culture and devalue their contributions.  Read Living With Diversity: For a Politics of Hope Without Fear and see the issues that Europe is facing.  Compare those findings with our current social state and see that discrimination is the same the world over.  Another article supporting these findings and highlighting the daily struggle faced by minorities in Europe is Racism, Discrimination of Minorities Widespread in Europe.  This article highlights the daily impact that unfair treatment has on an entire population.  By researching from afar, we can gain perspective and make change in our own daily routines to curb the effects of discrimination.

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