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In Professor’s Model Diversity = Productivity

cover-of-the-differenceBelow is a link to the New York Times and an interview with Scott E. Page who is a Professor at the University of Michigan.  Mr. Page published a book last year called,”The Difference” which made a compelling and researched based case on why diversity is so important.  His use of Complex Adaptive Systems thinking and other “21st century sciences” is the underlying premise of my Diversity 2.0 book.  The interview is fascinating and the book is pretty good to but might be a bit hard to read in some parts for those of us without a science background.

read the article

Watch Professor Page’s Talk here

  1. August 27, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    I find it interesting to look into cases of Affirmative Action, especially when it comes to acceptance into college. I think a great example of change in regard to this poilcy is what the University of California School System has done in the creation of the ELC program, (Eligibility in the Local Context). This program, instead of focusing on race or gender, focuses on the numbers. Schools from all over the state submit transcripts to the university to try and determine who those kids are that might have trouble getting accepted into college and extend offers based on a series of base requirments and scores identifying the top 12.5% from each high school. Then out of that group the top 4% are offered automatic acceptance.

    I think there are many alternatives that exist today that overcome Affirmative Action. There are ways to view people based on their intelligence and motivation alone, which in my opinion is what really matters in the first place. Affirmative Action is what I would consider a stepping stone to something much greater!

  2. August 27, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Dustin’s comment is well said and the California system seems like it’s trying to push forward with diversity and inclusion. However, I think that Affirmative Action should be in place until we can get passed the color of one’s skin and every child can receive the same education in order to gain knowledge, so everyone’s education is equal. Until then, white kids in the rich neighborhoods going to private schools receive better education, have access to better resources, thus making them smarter than black kids who are left behind in the public schools, with no paper, books, and teachers who may not have their best interest at heart. Like Scott Page said, affirmative action is in place because it forces us to bring more races together, therefore increasing the range of ideas and creativity, whereas one race and way of thinking is not good enough.

  3. Innovative Diversity
    August 31, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    By not incorporating diverse team members, organizations or groups are confining their potential set of solutions to the limited set already seen or experienced in their team. It is akin to dismantling an automobile and expecting to reassemble it without anyone who had done it before. It can be done, perhaps without difficulty, but a mechanic would certainly ease the reassembly. If, while creating a team, the members have similar knowledge and experiences, then any problems which arise have the potential to cause them to grind to a halt due to their shared viewpoints. If, on the other hand, you choose members from varying backgrounds and areas of interest, the solution is more likely to consistently advance because when one member is not able to evolve the idea further, there is another member who has a different perspective to freshen up the discussion.

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