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The Roots of Racism…

village-peopleLast month there was a nice little article written in Newsweek by Rianna Kelley.  In it she described her ironic view on racisim in view of the recent election of president Obama.  Kelley was somewhat surprised by the impact of her unconscious biases as revealed by the Implicit Association Test (IAT) the she recently took. 

The idea that stereotypes did not quickly disppear in light of the Obama victory has also bemused Mrs. Kelley.  Though, an understanding of the current neuroscience discoveries would have informed Mrs. Kelley that stereotypes are inded collective viewpoints that are understood as neural pathways in the brains of associated ingroups.  As such, stereotypes die hard.  Which is a good thing for the rst of ust to really appreciate.  Viewpoints don’t change overnight and most often it takes much perseverance to change the thought patterns that give rise to stereotypes.  The key to changing stereotypes rests with the interaction of individual minds, inter-group association, systems that generate interation, and power authorities who promote new views of others.

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  1. August 10, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    Stereotypes are unfortunately what shape the United States today. Personally, it’s hard to view people without the stereotypes that are embedded in our minds already, but I believe there can be a change in how we think and judge people different from us. Having a bi-racial president does not automatically take racism out of the U.S. In fact, during the presidential race, there was an uprise in discrimination of other races. When will this change? There are many countries, for example, Brazil, that doesn’t stereotype by race, and that gives me hope that WE as Americans can succeed in that way of thinking too. It’s up to each individual however, to make this change within themselves, not up to the new “black” president.

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