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Malcolm Gladwell Says Success Is Not Only About Hardwork…

gladwell081117_250Malcolm Gladwell has been a leader in creating a new genre of books that take the latest research discoveries and writes about them in a way the rest of us can understand.  His latest effort, “Outliers” is an instant masterpiece in the same vain as his two previous bestsellers, “The Tipping Point”, and “Blink”.

In Outliers Gladwell lays bear the idea that simple hardwork is the only key to success.  Gladwell says as much credit for success should be given to simple chance and the culture one grows up in.

This is relevant to our Diversity2.0 concept which emphasizes the view that the unconscious mind, social networks, and systems are critical components of success in a diverse world.  The reason this idea is so important is because diversity is often seen as a liberal ploy to right past wrongs by giving some groups preference over other groups.  While in some respects this view is parially correct.  Gladwell argues that it is needed to more fairly even out the playing field when most avenues of success are in fact accidents of birth.  Below is a link to the article in the New York magazine that talks indepth about Gladwell’s view of the world.  And also below is a video clip of Gladwell discussing his book.

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  1. August 10, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    So I guess the question here is whether or not one cultural group should be given preference over another group simply because of their race. Malcolm Gladwell apparently says that yes, certain groups should be given preference over others in order to level out the playing field. When I think of this concept, it brings up the idea of Equal Opportunity and also racial statistics throughout colleges and universities in America. Most schools have to meet or are “pushed” to meet racial criteria, which would be to have a certain number of “minorities” accepted and enrolled in the school. So this means that if a white girl with a 3.5 gpa and a black girl with a 3.2 gpa applied to the same school, most likely, they would both be accepted. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that there was only one spot open and it came down to these two future students. Most likely, the black girl would be accepted. I remember years ago when this exact issue raised controversy at Michigan State University. I agree with Malcolm Gladwell that it is needed to level out the playing field, because let’s face it, the world is not equal. People of certain races, mostly minorities, have and are continuing to face obstacles in their neighborhoods and their public schools that a lot of suburban, middle-to-high-class students do Not face. So should there be certain opportunities given to only minorities? Yes, most definitely.

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