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The Neurology of Stereotypes

Wray Herbert has an interesting post in his blog about the neurology of stereotypes.  The post highlights the brain chemistry associated with how we come up and apply stereotypes to each other. 

What it means for Diversity 2.0…

As human beings we stereotype and categorize everything or else life would just be to confusing and laborious to labor through.  Just think of how difficult your life would be if everything you encountered whether a car, friend, or paticular food you had to define each time it was encountered? It would be unthinkable. 

The best way to rid ourselves of stereotypes is to understand that stereotypical thinking is entirely human and is a mechanism that is needed for us to conduct healthy lives.  However, those stereotypes that do harm to other human beings are the ones where we need to rewire our unconscious biases through the use of neural reprogramming.  We need to encourage the erection of structures and systems that promote collaboration and the expansion of our respective social networks that include more diversity.  Click here for Wray’s post.


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