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A New Way of Looking at Demographics…

If you are like me this past political season was both long and tense.  But, it was also very interesting.  I was very interested in the seeming red state blue state divide that all media would trumpet from the roof tops.  Kansas is a red state, Virginia could become a Blue state.  The red state blue state became such a paradigm that I really wondered if people really fit into these nice simple and neat categories. 

With the creation of Patchwork Nation, a new blog on demographics from the Christain Science Monitor I finally found some other folks who felt that the way people view politics and who they vote for is far from simple and neat.  Instead it is complex and messy and reflects 11 new demographic groups that move beyond the traditional right/left arguement.

What this means in a Diversity 2.0 world…

Our traditional measures of demographics whether in the workplace or in our communities are in fact short-sighted and should be given more thought.  What the Patchwork Nation makes clear is that our demographic groups are more complex than simple racial categories and the like.  Instead they are highly permeable and connects more around interests and class rather than race.  Maybe, the way we track demographics should be updated to the Patchwork Nation? Check out the Patchwork Nation Blogchristianscience_patchwork

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